Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Behind the Scenes at SMA: People Profiles

Lauren Silberman

Position with SMA:
Board and Conference Committee Member

Position Elsewhere and Where:
Museum Assessment Program Coordinator, American Association of Museums, Washington, DC

When did you first become involved with SMA?
I became involved with SMA by attending one of the conferences. It was one of the first museum related conferences I had attended, and it was fantastic. There was so much to learn, so many people to meet, and so much music to dance to at the gala! I came back charged up and ready to go at my old stomping grounds, The Jewish Museum of Maryland.

What is the best thing about SMA?
Has everyone said the people, because it's definitely the people! Everyone is so enthusiastic and excited. I couldn't believe when I found out later that SMA is entirely volunteer run because of how professional the experience was. It reflects on the great volunteer work happening at so many museums out there.

What do you hope to see SMA do in the future?
I hope to see not only more great conferences but to see SMA connect with museum folks in new ways - maybe a more comprehensive website, maybe more resources for those who can't attend the conference, maybe something else entirely. I can't wait to find out!

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