Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Small Museums with Big Voices Wanted

Do you want to make your voice heard on the key issues facing small nonprofits -- not just museums, but all nonprofit organizations that support and enlighten their communities? 

The Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Listening Post Project tracks how nonprofits are affected by major trends and how they are responding. This cutting-edge research project is now recruiting small organizations (no more than $500,000 in annual revenue, preferably less) in all fields to participate in short surveys. Just 20 minutes of your time 2 or 3 times a year will ensure that the needs of small nonprofits aren't ignored -- and that museums are always part of the conversation about the future of the nonprofit sector. AAM has been a partner in this project since 2003. Participating museums get free customized reports, advanced access to research publications, networking opportunities and other benefits. 

For more details, visit http://ccss.jhu.edu/index.php?section=content&view=9&sub=5 or contact Philip M. Katz at pkatz@aam-us.org.

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