Thursday, February 2, 2012

Keynote Presenter: Sarah Brophy

Finding Time for Greening Your Museum

For a lot of museums, ‘green’, or ‘environmental sustainability’, may be a good idea, but it’s not going to happen any time soon.

Don’t worry; I understand.

It takes a lot of brain space to figure out green-ness, and museum staff has rarely had much extra brain space (or time, or money, or helpers) for everyday responsibilities, let alone new chores, and especially during the last few years.

Why is it time?  Because your bottom line needs it, your public expects it, and pretty soon the law is going to demand it.  So why not get a jump on it with a few basic changes? Simple steps make a big difference, and each time you make that difference, you find it easy and even exciting to make the next difference.  It’s actually addictive.

Really -- it’s time to make brain space for green. It’s not that hard and I’ll help you do it.

Join me at the Keynote Presentation and I’ll tell you how to get started with the basics…and how to let go of the guilt!

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