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Internship Opportunity: Greenbelt Museum

Dorothy Sucher Memorial Internship Program

Dorothy Sucher, 1933-2010
Dorothy Sucher, 1933-2010

Overview: The Dorothy Sucher Memorial Internship is awarded annually to an outstanding college-level or graduate student interested in supporting the work of the Greenbelt Museum. The internship was established in 2012 by Dr. Joseph Sucher to commemorate the life and work of his late wife, Dorothy Sucher, who initiated the founding of the Greenbelt Museum with a letter to the editor of the Greenbelt News Review in 1972. “Greenbelt,” she wrote, “was built during the Great Depression as an expression of the philosophy behind the New Deal. What better place could be found in which to create a museum devoted to that significant period in our nation’s history?” Mrs. Sucher went on to become one of the Museum’s founders and to serve on its Board of Directors. She was also a psychotherapist, an author, and a reporter for the Greenbelt News Review, through which she was involved in a landmark Supreme Court case that defended the freedom of the press.
The Dorothy Sucher Memorial Internship is to be completed at the Greenbelt Museum, located at 10B Crescent Road in Greenbelt, Maryland, and at the Museum staff office in the Greenbelt Community Center at 15 Crescent Road. It will further the mission of the Museum, which is to serve as a community museum that provides gateways to the New Deal history and living legacy of Greenbelt, Maryland and to inspire residents, students and visitors to explore this planned cooperative community. Through this generous gift from Dr. Sucher, the Dorothy Sucher Memorial Intern will receive a stipend of $1,000. For more information about the Dorothy Sucher Memorial Internship, contact the Greenbelt Museum by e-mail at

Internship Description: The Dorothy Sucher Memorial Intern will assist the Museum Director and the Education/Volunteer Coordinator with the planning and execution of educational programs, collections care and cataloging, maintenance of the historic house, performing historical research, and administrative tasks such as responding to inquiries, maintaining membership records, and other duties as assigned. While clerical work is part of the position, there will be opportunities for creative thinking and substantive contributions to the work of the Museum.

Desired Qualifications: The ideal candidate should have an interest in one or more of these areas: 20th century American history, the New Deal, the Great Depression, World War II, housing history, architecture, planning, and decorative arts and design. S/he must be a currently enrolled college or graduate student, and must be able to meet the physical demands of the position, which may include scaling stairs while carrying collections objects, climbing a stepladder, and sitting and standing for long periods of time.  The Dorothy Sucher Memorial Intern will be professional, organized, motivated, and have strong writing and communication skills. Adeptness at multitasking is a must, as is the ability to work independently. Knowledge of 20th century American history and museum experience are helpful but not required.

Compensation: The Dorothy Sucher Memorial Intern will receive a stipend of $1,000, which will be disbursed in two installments. The first payment of $500 will be made after the Intern has completed 80 hours of work, and the second payment will be made after the 160 internship hours have been completed. Once the Intern is selected, s/he and the Museum Director will agree upon an internship schedule.

How to Apply
Completed applications must be submitted by July 15, 2013. The following materials are required:
  • A completed Sucher Internship Application
  • A one-page personal statement describing your reasons for seeking an internship at the Greenbelt Museum and what you hope to gain from the experience
  • Résumé detailing your experience, career interests, and internship goals
  • Contact information for two references
Applicants will be notified of the Museum’s decision by August 16.
Submit completed application by mail or e-mail by July 15 to:
Megan Searing Young, Director
Greenbelt Museum
PO Box 1025
Greenbelt, MD 20768 

This internship description is not intended to be an express or implied contract between the Greenbelt Museum and anyone. The Greenbelt Museum reserves the right to change or assign other duties to this intern position as necessary. Greenbelt Museum is an equal opportunity institution.

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