Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Conference Presenter: Miriam Musco

As we get closer to the big conference next month (have you applied yet?), we will be hosting some blog posts from various presenters, committee members, and others involved with the conference. This post is from Miriam Musco, who is leading a session on Monday, February 21, 2011 entitled, What Do They Want From Us? Understanding the Needs of Homeschoolers in Museums.

Here's a short quiz for everyone:  
When you see a homeschool group walk through your front doors, do you:
A) Scratch your head in confusion?
B) Cringe?
C) Jump for Joy?
If you answered A or B, I would suggest attending my presentation, "What Do They Want From Us?  Understanding the Needs of Homeschoolers in Museums".  You'll learn about the different types and philosophies of homeschooling and what each of them wants from a museum visit.  I hope that by the end of end of my session, you'll be able to answer C to this quiz.

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