Thursday, January 20, 2011

MAP Your Way to Excellence

From AAM about its Museum Assessment Program:

MAP Your Way to Excellence

"Our institution participated in the MAP program in 1987 and the experience put us on the road from a small historical society to the regional history museum we are today. At that time we were an institution of 3 full time staff, and a very small budget-less than $200,000.  Today-23 years later-the institution has a staff of 35, and is a major regional museum in Florida with a budget of over $3M....MAP is the best thing AAM ever came up with." -Sara Van Arsdel, Executive Director, Orange County Regional History Center.

The Museum Assessment Program (MAP) is an affordable way to strengthen your museum and achieve excellence. Within a year your museum can conduct a self-study, consult with a museum professional and gain the tools to become a stronger institution.

MAP is open to small and mid-sized museums of all types, including zoos, aquariums, public gardens, history museums, art museums and children’s museums.  Apply for one of three MAP assessments:
Collections Stewardship
Community Engagement

Apply now at The postmark deadline is Feb. 18th.

MAP staff are available to answer any questions at or 202-289-9118.

The annual application is supported through a cooperative agreement between AAM and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).   

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