Thursday, January 31, 2013

SMA Conference: A League of Extraordinary Individuals

A League of Extraordinary Individuals

Within the museum lurks an unusual evil…. No, wait.  In a museum there are a remarkable number of superheroes.  Without them, most museums would be unable to maintain daily operations.  These are the volunteers who perform all kinds of duties throughout the museum, from giving tours, to running a gift shop, or maintaining a garden.  These people make up a League of Extraordinary Individuals.

Join Lacey Villiva, the Education and Outreach Assistant at Carlyle House, as she discusses ways to build and sustain a robust Docent corps.  In the nearly two years since she started at Carlyle House, Lacey has been the manager of the Carlyle House Docents, which has more than 70 members.  She will explore the things that have worked for Carlyle House, make suggestions on what may work for other museums, and take questions and facilitate troubleshooting discussions during her session on Tuesday, from 9:30-10:30.

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