Friday, February 15, 2013

SMA Conference: Identifying Your Kryptonite: Risk Assessment for Small Museums

Please join me after luncheon networking on Monday for an active and potentially hair raising session that focuses on our kryptonite - those little hazards that could fell our otherwise strong, stable institutions.  For many of us, risk assessment may seem like a frightening endeavor but is essential to ensure that your museum, no matter how small or large, will weather whatever mother nature and others throw at us. We will be discussing how and what to look for and will have some group exercises in discussing sample cases as well as an opportunity to discuss our own.  The session will give you the knowledge and the tools to return to your museum and see it with new eyes.   But wait, there’s more!  We will also discuss what we can do once we have identified our risks with minimal budgets and time.

Please bring your questions on risk assessment and disaster planning in general – don’t be caught off guard this coming spring and beyond!  I’m looking forward to my first SMA  and hope it will be the first of many.

Donia Conn

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