Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SMA Conference: Suiting Up for Action: Developing a Super Strategic Plan

Rise and shine!  Join me for an eye-opening morning session (9:30 on Monday) that focuses on thinking through AND organizing your institution’s goals.  Strategic planning—creating a long-term roadmap for your organization—may seem like a daunting task, but will chart your course and prioritize objectives for both staff and board members. View a few examples of strategic plans and methods of creating them, including one for my organization, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. The session will help you to think about assembling your Strategic Plan “Dream Team”—the committee that helps to write the plan.

How much time will it take for your organization?  What will your final document look like?  Can you create a plan on a shoe-string budget? 

You may come up with the answers to these questions and have a few of your own to discuss during “Suiting Up For Action.”  I’m looking forward to SMA 2013 and a good talk over coffee—please join me for this information session, where I’ll give you access to some useful tools to begin your own Super Strategic Plan.
Ellen M. Owens
Executive Director
Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

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