Friday, May 17, 2013

Employment Opportunity: Director & CEO at Hill-Stead Museum

Hill-Stead Museum, a National Historic Landmark located in Farmington, CT, is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.  The museum was incorporated in 1946 in accordance with the will of Theodate Pope Riddle, the pioneering architect who designed the Colonial Revival-style house to showcase the Impressionist masterpieces by Monet, Degas and others, sculptures, ceramics, numerous works on paper and Japanese woodblock prints collected by her father.  The extraordinary, intact collection and interiors constitute an ongoing blockbuster exhibition! Outside, stately trees, a pond, seasonal gardens and more than 3 miles of stone walls and woodland trails accent the 152-acre landscape.  Programs include house and garden tours, Sunken Garden Poetry Festival, gallery talks, lectures, curriculum-based school activities, nature activities and studies, seasonal farmers’ markets, concerts and writing workshops.    

Hill-Stead’s new director & CEO will have experience leading and managing in an environment of limited financial resources.  S/he will articulate a clear, realistic vision for the future and communicate that vision in ways that inspire and motivate others to become involved, donate money and other resources, and visit and participate in programs.  The new leader will successfully build on Hill-Stead’s many strengths to make it a thriving, inclusive institution.

For more information about Hill-Stead, please visit  For the complete position profile and application guidelines, please visit

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Technical Leaflet Sale from AASLH

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Need help for your archival collection or trying to establish good archival practices?
Titles include:
  • Conserving Local Archival Materials on a Limited Budget
  • Local Historical Records: Programs for Historical Agencies
  • Manuscript Collections: Initial Procedures & Policies
  • Archival Materials in the History Museum
  • Storage Solutions for Oversized Paper Artifacts
Putting together a quality exhibition can be an intimidating task.
These leaflets provide a valuable overview of exhibit planning and contain bibliographies for further guidance. Titles include:
  • Exhibit Planning: Ordering Your Artifacts Interpretively
  • Planning Exhibits: From Concept to Opening
  • A Systemized Approach to Exhibit Production Management
  • Charting the Impact of Museum Exhibitions and Programs: Understanding the Public's Perspective
  • Exhibit Conservation: Strategies for Producing A Preservation-Responsible Exhibition
Often there is a gap between the reality and the ideal of collections management.
The leaflets in this bundle are a combination of examining the reality and striving
for the ideal. This information can help you anticipate and resolve some common
issues and explain to others why these issues are significant. Titles include:
  • Converting Loans to Gifts: One Solution to "Permanent" Loans
  • Documentation Practices in Historical Collections: A Report from the Common Agenda
  • Buried in Storage: The Alexandria Archaeology Collections Management Project
  • Digitizing Your Collection
  • Ethics Position Paper: The Capitalization of Collections
The voices in your community can provide valuable insights into the past.
This bundle will help you capture those voices and use them effectively
to help tell the stories that will enlighten and engage your audience.
Titles include:
  • Tape-Recording Local History
  • Using Oral History for a Family History Project
  • Using Memoirs to Write Local History
  • Using Oral History in Museums
  • A Guide to Oral History Interviews
As a small museum staff person, you are responsible for a lot, including
areas outside of your expertise or training. This group of technical leaflets
is designed to give practical solutions to everyday challenges unique to small museums.
Titles include:
  • Maximizing the Benefits of a Conservation Assessment: Some Tips for the Small Museum
  • DIY Strategic Planning for Small Museums
  • How Sustainable is Your Historic House Museum?
  • The Gift of History
  • Is Your Site Grant-Ready? How to Prepare to Attract Grants