Thursday, January 2, 2014

Deadline Coming Up! USFFM Grants just for SMA Members

United States Federation of Friends of Museums

This is the second year the USFFM has partnered with the Small Museum Association to offer this unique opportunity to our members! We are privileged to offer this opportunity to members of the Small Museum Association and we thank the USFFM for this opportunity to support Small Museums! Visit our website, for more detailed information and a link to download the application for the USFFM 2014 Grant.


Any museum which is currently or was formerly a member of the Small Museum Association is eligible to apply. If you would like to be part of our affordable membership program please download a current membership form. SMA's membership year is Mar. 1- Feb. 28.


A grant of $2,500 to be used to fulfill an educational program or cultural activity that is not currently budgeted.


Apply by January 10, 2014.


This grant program was started in 2012 as a program of the Clare Morehead Memorial Fund, established by the children of the late Clare Moorhead, a USFFM Board member whose passion was small museums.  Due to the keen interest, the USFFM has decided to continue offering four grants to help small museums fund projects for which no other funding is available.


Museum directors should apply before January 10, 2014, via email or postal mail to USFFM 2001 K Street NW Suite 400, Washington, DC, 20006-1040. The application must include the following information:

• Name of Museum:

• Street Address, City, State and Zip:

• Email Address:

• Telephone:

• Name and Title of Museum Director:

• Year founded:

• Type of museum and mission, in brief:

• Number of days museum is open each typical week:

• Museum open hours:

• Number of visitors last year:

• Annual budget:

• Size of paid museum staff:

• Number of museum volunteers:

• Please describe the educational or cultural project you propose that would be helped by the USFFM Small Museum grant of $2500. (If project requires outside professional help or equipment, please describe and estimate costs.)


Applicants are asked to commit to providing  two brief  progress reports (mid-year and end of year) to USFFM, so that the information can be shared with other small museums and the World Federation of Friends of Museums. Photos and stories for use in the USFFM newsletter will also be appreciated.


Please contact USFFM via email at

For further information about the Small Museum Association, email us at We hope to see you February 16 through 18, 2014 in Ocean City!