Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Advocacy Alert: AGO Listening Session and Request for Full Funding

From Kristen Harbeson at the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers:


In Philadelphia on July 27th, a meeting will be held in which you can play a major role in making sure that the needs of museums and historic preservation are addressed in America’s Great Outdoors; a major initiative which has the potential to shape the priorities of historic sites and cultural resources within the Federal government in the Obama administration. I strongly encourage you to consider attending, and spreading the word to your networks, friends and colleagues. Information on how to attend is below.

Some Background:

On April 16th, the President announced the America's Great Outdoors (AGO) Initiative, a multi-state agency effort to enhance conservation. Listening sessions of this kind are being held around the country, however this is only one currently planned to address historic preservation and cultural resources. A strong turn-out could make all the difference to whether museums, historic preservation, culture and heritage are included as priorities or not. Early indications show that the initiative will be heavily influenced by our conservation friends, although a national coalition (www.fullyfundhpf.org), of which Small Museum Association is a member, has been tirelessly working to bring the Historic Preservation Fund on equal footing. Our campaign has been persistent and people in charge certainly know what we want.

More important, however is the AGO “Listening Session” in Philadelphia on July 27th: This is the most direct way to influence the direction that the America’s Great Outdoors initiative takes, and to make sure that cultural resources and the Historic Preservation Fund are included in the mix. This meeting (unlike any of the others so far) will be specifically focused on heritage issues, and so is an absolutely critical opportunity to convey a clear message of grassroots support for the HPF and cultural resources. If it is at all possible, please make an effort to attend this meeting, and spread the word to your networks, friends, neighbors and partners.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Information on how to RSVP for this critically important meeting is below.


Kristen Harbeson, State Services Director | NCSHPO | National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers |

444 N Capitol St NW Suite 342 | Washington DC 20001-1512 | 202-624-5465 | 202-624-5419 fax | harbeson@sso.org | www.ncshpo.org

Join the Coalition for Full Funding of the Historic Preservation Fund. visit the website at: www.fullyfundhpf.org

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