Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Call for Small Museums! Share Your Data

"I think it’s important to have small museums represented as a significant part of the museum community, and very few have contributed data so far to AAM’s Museum Benchmarking Online project.  Ultimately, the data collected by the American Association of Museums will be useful for all of us—to lobby our cities/counties/parent organizations for funding; to plan/refine our budgets; to apply for grants; etc." - Karen Daly, Director, Dumbarton House and SMA Board Member

Museum Benchmarking Online (MBO), AAM's new web-based tool, makes it easy for you to share your museum's data for the good of the whole museum field. MBO follows in the footsteps of our old, reliable, authoritative Museum Financial Information survey. The collected data is AAM's best weapon for advocacy on Capitol Hill and beyond.

December 31, 2011 is the deadline for your museum's data to be included in a museum advocacy report! Contributors can review and update their data at anytime; and subscribers can make comparisons and generate reports on demand.

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  1. Karen --

    Thanks for these words of encouragement. See for a quick overview of why museums (and the museum field as a whole) need access to good current data.

    -- Phil Katz at AAM (