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MAAM Call for Proposals

2014 MAAM Conference Call for Proposals:
Museums in Transition and Transition in Museums
 October 22-24, 2014
Washington, DC
Proposals due:  March 21, 2014
MAAM, The Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums, represents museum professionals, organizations, institutions and museum service providers via a collective forum in order to enhance and elevate the image of museums and educate individuals on an array of field-specific studies and programs. The MAAM annual meeting is an important gathering of museum stakeholders and provides a dynamic opportunity to share and exchange ideas.
 Join MAAM in Washington DC this October as we explore Museums in Transition and Transitions in Museums. The museum world is constantly undergoing change and transformation, whether in response to economics, cultural trends or professional advances. Examples may include seeking new audiences, developing and providing new or revised services, introducing new leadership, consolidating resources or collaborating creatively with unlikely partners. We invite you to contribute to the dialogue with a conference session proposal. We are looking particularly for sessions that appeal to mid-level career professionals, as well as students and senior-level staff and service providers.
 The annual meeting is the perfect opportunity to introduce theoretical or philosophical frameworks that explore daily issues shared by all. Sessions should present differing perspectives that constructively embrace controversy and enliven the session.  You do not need to be the “expert” to propose/organize a session. Vendors are also welcome to submit proposals, but all panels should include at least one museum professional.  The MAAM Program Committee, comprised of recognized museum professionals, will review all proposals. Please consider a submitting a proposal on one of the following transitions:

 Strategic Alliances and Mergers

 New Leadership
 Transition from Student/Intern to Employee  Becoming an Independent Contractor
 “Free to Fee” or “Fee to Free”  New Places/Spaces
 The Revisioning Process
 Changing Exhibitions

 Retirement and Attrition

SUBMIT: Proposals must be submitted by March 21, 2014 and will be reviewed by the MAAM Conference Program Committee; please refer to the attached “Guidelines and Requirements for Conference Presenters.”  Only complete submissions will be reviewed. Decisions regarding the selection of sessions will be e-mailed to the session chair by May 15, 2014

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 Please submit all completed proposals in word document to:

1.     General Information
Applicant Name & Title
Museum Name
Session Title (Title should capture the session’s essence as well as serve as a marketing tool.)
2.     Maximum Number of Participants
 Target Audience
Museum Store
Public Relations/Marketing
Other (Please specify)
4.     Career Level
5.    Relevance to Conference Themes
How is your session relevant to the conference theme?[50 word limit]

6. Session Proposal: 
100 Word Maximum. Description should address specific topics covered, target audience, session goals, expected outcomes, and relevance to conference themes. This description also serves as the conference program guide description in the event your session is selected. *NOTE: All sessions are 75 minutes.

7. SESSION CHAIR: Serves as the point of contact for MAAM’s conference planners, receives all communications, and is expected to communicate all pertinent annual meeting information to session panelists.
City, State, Zip

8. PANELIST 1 Please note that at least one recognized museum professional must be represented in each session proposal.
City, State, Zip

City, State, Zip

City, State, Zip

City, State, Zip

12. Chair & Panelist Description: Please write a brief bio statementfor each session participant. Include what he or she brings to the session; why he or she was recruited; and draw a connection between presenters. Do not attach resumes or CVs. Although it is preferable to identify panelists with this proposal, if you require assistance in identifying specific participants, please characterize what qualifications you are seeking - for example: “director of a small rural art museum who has recently completed a capital campaign.” If your session is then selected, Program Committee members will then work with you to help identify potential participants.

13. What are the goals and takeaways of this session? [50 word maximum.]

14. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Please briefly note any additional relevant information you wish to convey to assist the Program Committee in its decision making process. E.G. You are requesting a particular museum venue where you wish to present or you can only present on one specific date of the conference.

AUDIO VISUAL: MAAM will provide certain basic Audio Visual equipment and services such as: LCD projectors, limited computers forpresentations, a microphone and podium as well as a head table forpanels. Please note that additional equipment and services may require additional costs and MAAM reserves the right to seek reimbursement from sessions that request AudioVisual equipment and services in excess of basic levels. If your session is accepted and in advance of the conference, MAAM  will review and confirm what  AudioVisual equipment and services will be provided at no fee by MAAM and what equipment and services will require reimbursement.  
HANDOUTS: Program chairs and presenters are encouraged to provide sufficient handouts for all session attendees or distribute materials electronically. You are encouraged to provide MAAM with a PDF or PowerPoint of any slides or handouts that can be posted on our website or distributed to all conference attendees. MAAM does not provide a printing station for attendees. 

Guidelines and Requirements for Conference Presenters

Chairs: Each session must have a chairperson responsible for finding other speakers and coordinating logistics. Chairs will be the main contact between MAAM and their panelists. MAAM will not contact panelists. It is the session chair’s responsibility to notify MAAM if there are any changes to the panel before the preliminary program is printed (August.) Chairs should ensure that they and their panelists are available to present on either date of the conference. Any scheduling conflicts must be presented in writing to MAAM Conference Program Chair by immediately.

For-Profit:  For-profit companies and vendors may submit session proposals; however, at least one recognized museum professional must be represented on each panel.

AV and Room Arrangements: Chairs must submit AV and room arrangement requests to MAAM by  August 1.  Mac Users: Neither MAAM nor host hotel will provide laptops, overhead projectors, carousel projectors and LCDs for Macs. LCD projectors that will be provided may not be compatible with Macs.

How to Select a Topic: Think of this as sharing ideas you have or challenges you’ve experienced within the field while encouraging discussion of significant issues among your colleagues.

Selecting Your Chair and Panelists: Every session must have a chairperson who is responsible for the organization and management of the session including logistics, requests for materials and equipment, communication with participants and MAAM staff, and leading the session itself. Most sessions include one chair and up to three presenters who bring balance to the session. The session chair may serve as a panelist. Panelists from different museums and states are encouraged. A single panelist is highly discouraged. Panelists should have direct experience with the topic, present information in a professional manner, and be prepared for questions and comments that address differing opinions and viewpoints than their own.

Panelists:  Please note: At least one recognized museum professional must be represented on each panel. Panelists will be responsible for their travel to and from the conference and must register for the conference.  A discounted speaker’s rate will apply to all panelists. Panelists are responsible for ensuring that they are available to speak on any of the conference dates. Panelists should have direct experience with the session topic, present information in a professional manner, and be prepared for questions and comments that address differing opinions and viewpoints than their own.

Program Committee Review of Sessions:  Each session proposalwill be reviewed by the MAAM Program Committee. Only completeproposals will be reviewed. Sessions will be scored (1-5) in areas such as relevance to conference theme; appeal to broad or specific audience; speakers’ ability to attract attendees to the conference.  The committee may ask for revisions to the proposal; suggest additional or alternate panelists; combine similar proposal ideas.

Registration Fees & Costs: All Chairs and panelists must register forthe annual meeting; however, they may take advantage of the discounted speaker rate. Speakers are encouraged to take advantage of this reduced rate and enjoy the complete conference. MAAM does not pay travel costs or honoraria for any session chairs or panelists. Session chairs are responsible for making sure that all panelists register for the annual meeting.

Time: All sessions re one hour and fifteen minutes (75 minutes). This must include time for questions and answers.

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