Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank you from SMA!

Fellow SMAers –
Thanks for a great conference in Ocean City this past week!  What an inspiring, fun and professional group of people to be associated with!  As we make our ways back to our home museums full of ideas to bring our small museums to life, please remember to keep up to date with what we’re doing at SMA. 
Be on the lookout for more information about SMA’s advocacy program and the first case studies that have grown out of our Listening Lunches held during the conference.  Check out our website, not just for a refreshed look, but also for podcasts from select sessions at the conference [coming soon].  Our Board has authorized the transfer of a modest amount of funds from our general account to an Endowment holding account; we’ll be inviting community foundations and brokers to our next Board meeting brief of us on how we can best utilize this small but important fund in conservative investments.  Look out for a potential “So You Want to Start an Endowment Fund” entry on our website or as a case study.  Finally, keep your eyes open for SMA, we’re figuring out ways to expand our audience and let people know about what we have to offer -  first and foremost our conference, the best deal in the country.  And who wouldn’t want to attend knowing they’d be missing out on all the fun at our famous Monday Night Banquet?
As always, feel free to be in touch at any time - mike [at] historiclewes [dot] org
Mike DiPaolo
Small Museum Associaton

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