Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Conference Presenter: Beth Maloney

One thing I love about working with small museums is how good they are at getting folks around the table and tackling problems in nimble,  creative and concrete ways. Our session, " Making your site Family- Friendly: Expert Advice from the Pros ," tries to capture this spirit.  We've gathered together some colleagues who have a wealth of  experience in the field of family-focused programming, interpretation  and exhibit design. And we're inviting you, session participants, to bring one issue or problem you've encountered while trying to make  your site or museum more family friendly. At our session we'll address your issue specifically and develop some concrete tips and suggestions  for real solutions you'll be able to take back to your site and try out. If you'd like us to address your issue, please send me an email at beth@bethmaloney.com and include your name/contact information, the   name of your organization/museum, the number of staff you have, a 5 sentence description of your problem or issue and a one sentence  desired outcome. We'll take a look at issues in the order they are  received so don't delay!

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