Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Conference Presenter: PastPerfect Software

Small museums are constantly adapting and reusing what they have.  I know this from working as a curator and serving on the board of directors of small museums. I also talk to small organizations every day, helping PastPerfect users as a support technician at PastPerfect Software. That is why this year’s conference theme got me (and the rest of the PastPerfect team) thinking about how we can help small museums better use resources they already own -- PastPerfect and their data.
In support of SMA, PastPerfect Software is offering a Support Lab on Sunday, February 19 from 12-4 pm. Our entire support team will be available to answer any PastPerfect-related questions, whether you are just getting started or have used PastPerfect for years. Please stop by, and get free help with your software. Our museum and technical specialists will be on hand, as well as our conversion and PastPerfect-Online experts. We will also be available all day Monday, February 20 at the Resource Hall. We truly want to help you use one of your museum’s most valuable assets – information about your collections and contacts. 

Jennifer Whitfield, PastPerfect

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  1. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to attend the conference at the last minute. Talking to the fine folks at Past Perfect was #1 on my priority list. Would there be an alternate way to ask questions?